Center for Biomedical Computing (CBC) aims to develop and apply novel simulation technologies to reach new understanding of complex physical processes affecting human health. We target selected medical problems where insight from mathematical modeling can contribute to changing clinical practice.

The approach comprises well-defined research projects with multi-disciplinary teams consisting of experts in physical modeling, mathematics, numerical methods, scientific software development, bioengineering, medical research, and clinical treatment. Our teams focus on publishing novel research results of high relevance and quality.

The challenging applications being addressed drive new developments in computational methodologies and scientific software. A key mission of the Center is to make these useful developments accessible to computational scientists and engineers at large through professional, open source software. This original software can help advancing many other scientific fields dealing with complex multi-physics problems.

CBC was awarded in 2007 based on a proposal for a Norwegian Center of Excellence. Only 8 out of 98 proposals were successful.

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CBC is hosted by Simula Research Laboratory