People contributing in the project Biomedical Flows and Structures

  Anna Blechingberg, PhD student, Email: anna.blechingberg (at), Phone: 976 28 147
  Karen-Helene St¿verud, PhD student
  Kristian Valen-Sendstad, PhD student
  Paul Roger Leinan, PhD student
  Sigrid Kaarstad Dahl, PhD student, Email: sigridkd (at), Phone: +47 911 65 067
  Harikrishnan Radhakrishnan, Postdoctoral Fellow
  Victorien Prot, Postdoctoral Fellow
  Bj¿rn Anders Pettersson Reif, Adjunct Research Scientist
  Bj¿rn H. Skallerud, Senior Research Scientist
  Hans Petter Langtangen, Director of CBC, Email: hpl (at), Phone: +47 995 32 021
  Kent-Andre Mardal, Senior Research Scientist, Email: kent-and (at), Phone: +47 936 10 854
  Leif Rune Hellevik, Senior Research Scientist
  Mikael Mortensen, Adjunct Research Scientist
  Stavros Kassinos, Adjunct Research Scientist
  Svein Linge, Adjunct Research Scientist, Email: sveinlin (at), Phone: +47 922 34 033
  Victor Haughton, Adjunct Research Scientist, Email: victohau (at)