Laboratory Experiments and Validation

Validation studies are obviously key to research that aims at being used in medical settings. We collaborate closely with external experts on laboratory experiments and validation:
  • Prof. Atle Jensen at the Mechanics Division, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Oslo. Topics: Accurate laboratory measurements of steady and pulsatile flow in micro channels.

  • Prof. Anders Pettersson Reif (FFI) and Dr. Mikael Mortensen at the Flow Physics and Turbulence Group at FFI. Topics: Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), transitional flows, large-scale laboratory experiments on aerosol transport.

  • Prof. Charles Strother, Univ. of Wisonsin. Topics: Measurements of blood flow in canine models.

  • Dr. Søren Bakke, Oslo University Hospital. Topics: Measurements of cerebral blood flow on project workers under exercise.

The measurements of blood flow are non-conventional as we are interested in quantities such as inflow and outflow of a region, which is of little interest in diagnostics. A key result so far is that the off-the-shelf boundary conditions from the literature are too inaccurate. In patient-specific studies we therefore need both patient-specific geometries and patient-specific boundary flow conditions.